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Woodlands Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian Accident Law Firm in Woodlands, Alberta

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Due to the time sensitive and technical nature of a pedestrian hit by car compensation and the collection of evidence, it is strongly recommended that you get in contact with an experienced Woodlands immediately.

The Need for Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Woodlands, AB

According to Woodlands Transportation and despite the dangers for pedestrians on Woodlands roads, pedestrian accidents make up only 6.4% of all injuries. But the bad news is that 13.6% lead to fatalities. Pedestrians face the brunt of the size, weight, and speed of cars, and this is what leads to fatalities. Even if a pedestrian survives an accident, the injuries can be very severe. Lucky is the pedestrian who gets away with minor bruises and cuts. The overall outcomes are skull or limb fractures and spinal cord and brain damage that can lead to the victim being a wheelchair user for life. The fault is not one-sided, though. While drivers must drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians, people on the road should be alert too about the surroundings.

The point here is, why would you need a pedestrian accident attorney in Woodlands, Alberta? If you are involved in a car accident, as a pedestrian, you have to file for a pedestrian hit by car accident compensation to meet your expenses for treatment and rehabilitation. As a pedestrian accident law firm in Woodlands, Alberta, we have long years of experience in representing clients who are victims of life-changing and catastrophic pedestrian accidents. We have also stood for families of pedestrians who have suffered fatal injuries in accidents. In every case, we have helped them in getting fair and deserving pedestrian accident claims that have enabled them to get life back on rails after the disaster.

Investigations Carried Out by a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Woodlands, Alberta

Pedestrian safety is a mutual responsibility. Pedestrians should not think that they have the right of way, and cars and motor vehicles should yield to them. Drivers, too, should drive safely and with due caution. It is our responsibility as a pedestrian accident lawyer in Woodlands, Alberta, to carry out detailed investigations before filing pedestrian accident claims on behalf of the victim of a pedestrian motor vehicle accident.

There are several critical factors that we take into account while working out pedestrian hit by car compensation. These include whether the driver was distracted (texting, talking on the cell phone, or something similar), speeding, disregarding weather or traffic conditions, and traffic signals or signs. Other aspects for arriving at pedestrian accident claims are driver’s failure to yield the right of way at marked crosswalks and intersections, inability to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, and failure to stop before turning right on red at a crossing.

However, pedestrians also have to be proactive about their safety and be alert on the roads to traffic.

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Contact An Experienced Pedestrian Accident Law Firm in Woodlands, AB

In the event of a pedestrian-vehicle accident, get in touch with an experienced pedestrian accident law firm in Woodlands, Alberta, at the earliest. You may be entitled to a pedestrian hit by car compensation, and the sooner the ball is set rolling for pedestrian accident claims, the better for you. Otherwise, critical evidence in the case will be lost. Contact us, a pedestrian accident attorney in Woodlands, Alberta, to know about the options regarding following up with your claim.

More often than not, pedestrian accidents have a traumatic effect on an individual’s life. Your physical, mental, and emotional health might be affected, which requires prolonged medical treatments and rehabilitation before recovery. There will also be financial hardships as you will not be able to join work, resulting in loss of income. There are several areas that we explore as a trusted personal accident law firm in Woodlands, Alberta, for calculating pedestrian accident claims. These include past and future lost wages, costs of medical treatment and physical therapy, out of pocket expenses, loss of ability to do household chores and pain and suffering.

Ancillary costs are no less important. For victims of catastrophic injuries to the spinal cord rendered physically disabled for life, included too are expenses of home renovation and mobility aids. Building ramps, widening doorways and hallways, and installing roll-in showers in the house are essential for the disabled. They comprise a part of the pedestrian accident claims in Woodlands, Alberta.

Our experienced pedestrian accident attorney uses extensive skills and knowledge in case law to negotiate on your behalf and settle pedestrian hit by car compensation. Our first objective is to settle claims through negotiation to avoid the costs of a court case. Only when all doors to negotiations are closed do we opt for a trial.

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Evidence Required For a Pedestrian Hit by Car Compensation Case in Woodlands

For a pedestrian who is a victim of a car accident, the complicated process for submission of pedestrian accident claims compounds the stress, physical, and mental suffering. People are so overwhelmed by the process of recovery and treatments that the focus is hardly ever on the act of filing of a pedestrian hit by car compensation in Woodlands, Alberta. For the ordinary person, it is also not possible to know the rights. Hence, it is easy to get buried under the system of complex laws and confusing paperwork. Hence, there is a further delay in the receipt of compensation for medical treatments and rehabilitation.

It is here that a pedestrian accident lawyer in Woodlands, Alberta, has a crucial role to play. Evidence is the key to a successful trial, and you can help your pedestrian accident attorney with enough critical evidence to fight your case diligently. A few steps should be taken by you as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment.

The first is to get contact particulars and the insurance information of the parties involved in the accident. Get contact details of the people who were at the site of the accident so that they may be made potential witnesses at trial. However, never negotiate with an insurance company for a pedestrian hit by car compensation alone without an experienced representative of a pedestrian accident law firm in Woodlands, Alberta, beside you if you have to get a fair deal. Next, contact the police, file a report, and keep at least two copies with you for records. Finally, take photographs of the accident site, your injuries, road conditions, condition of the tires of the vehicle that hit you as well as the precise location.

All these will help at trial in getting the most deserving pedestrian accident claims settlement.

Contributory Negligence in Pedestrian Accident Claims in Woodlands, Alberta

Under Woodlands’s Traffic Safety Act, in the event of a collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, the driver will usually be found 100% liable for the accident. It is unless the driver can prove that there was nothing that a reasonable driver could have done to prevent the accident. This scenario is called contributory negligence, where the pedestrian is partially at fault too. In such cases, the court reduces the quantum of a pedestrian hit by car compensation by as much as 50%.

To get the best deal it is therefore recommended that you get in touch with a pedestrian accident attorney in Woodlands, Alberta at the earliest after an accident.


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As a personal injury lawyer in Alberta, our office represents numerous individuals every year who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Alberta.

As a personal injury lawyer servicing Alberta, we will ensure you receive compensation for any and all damages incurred due to a catastrophic injury.

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Under the Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act, we can request compensations for any losses and injuries suffered due to a car accident.

If you were injured due to a distracted driver, our personal injury lawyer will conduct a full investigation and fight for full compensation.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident, contact our Alberta law office today to speak with a personal injury lawyer.


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