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Jean Cote Unsafe Premises Lawyers

Unsafe Premises and Liability Lawyers in Jean Cote, Alberta

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Due to the time sensitive and technical nature of unsafe premises accidents and the collection of evidence, it is strongly recommended that you get in contact with an experienced immediately.

Premises Law in Jean Cote, Alberta – Is Your Landlord Liable for Your Safety?

The question that frequently pops up when premises law in Jean Cote, Alberta, is discussed is whether your landlord is responsible for your safety. The answer is not as straightforward, though, as various factors determine the extent of a landlord’s liability. Unsafe premises accidents are not uncommon in Jean Cote, Alberta, regardless of whether the tenant is staying in an apartment building or a rental home.

When you lease premises, you are also guaranteed a certain level of safety and security. It would help if you did not have to continually worry whether a careless landlord has left the doors open for an accident or injury.

If you are injured while living in a rental home, you should contact unsafe premises lawyers and press for defective premises claims. For example, if a landlord fails to keep the stairs in good condition and you are injured in a fall, your landlord could be held liable for negligence. The premises law in Jean Cote, Alberta, has provisions for pressing claims of compensation to help put you on the road to recovery from injuries through medical treatments and therapies.

The responsibility of the landlord falls under unsafe premises and liability. Broadly, though with certain restrictions, whoever owns a property is responsible for injuries that tenants or visitors suffer. Premises law in Jean Cote is subject to a few clauses. Questions raised are why was the person on the property, how were they using it, and was the accident foreseeable. Did the landlord make reasonable efforts to warn of the real dangers?

Causes and Effects of Unsafe Premises Accidents in Jean Cote, Alberta

In most cases, unsafe premises accidents in Jean Cote, Alberta, like trip and fall or slip and fall are the result of negligence on the part of the premises owner. Simple things like failing to remove obstacles from hallways or stairways or not installing sufficient lighting that has led to a trip and fall can be attributed to the negligence of the landlord. These can be life-changing situations if the trip and fall results in broken bones, head injuries, spinal trauma, and spinal cord injuries, leading to prolonged treatments and therapies and considerable expenses.

In all such cases, you should contact unsafe premises lawyers in Jean Cote, Alberta, for immediately filing defective premises claims to get adequate and fair compensation. According to the National Safety Council, most falls in the house occur at doorways, stairs, ramps, ladders, crowded areas, and uneven surfaces.

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Types Of Accidents:

Car Accidents

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How Our Unsafe Premises Lawyers Help You in Jean Cote, AB

If negligence is proved, the landlord’s insurance will automatically cover your injuries. But if you do not get the compensation you deserve, you will have to consult unsafe premises lawyers. They are conversant with the various aspects of unsafe premises accidents and the premises law in Jean Cote, Alberta.

The law is unambiguous and defines specific events where a landlord can be held responsible for an accident and injury that occurs on the premises. To prove unsafe premises and liability experienced unsafe premises lawyers in Jean Cote, Alberta have to establish one or more aspects. It includes whether the landlord was aware of a potential hazard but took no action or should have been aware of a potential danger because an area posed an absolute risk. Direct negligence is where the landlord created a slippery walking surface because of spilled liquids or not maintaining worn or damaged floors.

Proving negligence in unsafe premises accidents and getting defective premises claims can be tricky. Contact us – we have years of experience in unsafe premises and liability cases, getting adequate compensation for our clients.

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Unsafe Premises and Liability Cases in Jean Cote, AB - Are You At Fault?

Your unsafe premises lawyers in Jean Cote, Alberta, will establish defective premises claims by proving that the landlord was negligent. As per premises law, it has to be also proved that you were blameless. In a matter of course, the law considers all legal adults to be accountable for personal safety in most situations. For example, if there is a “wet floor” sign, adults will be expected to read it and steer clear of the place. Slipping and falling at this place is your fault and not that of the landlord.

In defective premises claims, you have to confirm that you were not skipping or jumping, and you were moving conscientiously. Also, you were exercising care and observing the place where you were walking. Most critically, you should prove that you were not trespassing or were in a restricted location when the accident occurred.

Under the law, you have to establish that you could not have avoided the fall and that you were not negligent. The next step for unsafe premises lawyers in Jean Cote is to prove that the property owner could have prevented it. Doing so is tricky. It depends on whether your injury is the result of a slip and fall or trip and fall. Unsafe premises and liability cases in Jean Cote hinge largely on this aspect.

Filing Defective Premises Claims in Jean Cote, Alberta

The first step is to prove by your unsafe premises lawyers that you have rightful defective premises claims in Jean Cote, Alberta. The next step is to calculate the quantum of compensation. It is an intricate process, and several factors have to be studied. Top on the list is the seriousness of the injury. In the case of catastrophic injuries that require prolonged treatments and therapies, the amount of payout to be claimed can be substantial. Some considerations are mental pain and suffering, loss of income, and projected loss of future job opportunities.

As leading unsafe premises lawyers in Jean Cote, Alberta with years of experience in premises law, we have successfully handled hundreds of such defective premises claims cases.


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