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Alberta Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyers in Alberta, Canada

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Due to the time sensitive and technical nature of spinal cord injury settlements and the collection of evidence, it is strongly recommended that you get in contact with an experienced immediately.

Experienced and Trusted Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney in Alberta (AB)

One of the worst forms of disability is being paralytic and being in a wheelchair for life. Some people are born that way – mainly a genetic disorder at birth. But it is a life-changing situation for the once non-disabled to be in a wheelchair as a result of spinal cord injuries. It may be a result of car or motorcycle accidents or any other similar impact to the head and the spinal cord. These are unexpected accidents, and nobody is prepared for it, least of all the injured and their loved ones. While paralysis is the most common offshoot of spinal cord injuries, others include loss of sensation and non-functioning of limbs and other vital organs.

People with spinal cord injuries have to go through years of rehabilitation not to speak of their loss of income from inability to work. It is the reason why, it is always advisable to contact an experienced and reputed spinal cord injuries attorney in Alberta, Canada as soon as possible. The process of getting a fair and adequate spinal code injury settlement of claims can begin at the earliest. It is critical for rehabilitation and getting life back on rails.

How Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Maximize Compensation Amounts in Alberta, Canada

In case of any accidents leading to severe spinal cord injuries and paralysis, get in touch with spinal cord injury lawyers in Alberta (AB), without delay. Lawyers of a spinal cord injury law firm like ours can help you at every step in submitting spinal cord injuries claim. Clients contact us to know more about the spinal cord injury law and what it has for them. We explain the specifics of the process that we follow for claim settlements so that everything is transparent and above board.

Generally, we consider a set pattern in our investigations. We first identify who is to be held liable for the injuries. Then we file a personal injury lawsuit against that party. As an on-going process, we start a thorough investigation so that enough evidence is collated to strongly support our case for a fair spinal cord injury settlement. Our first aim is to arrive at a favorable out-of-court settlement to avoid expenses related to a trial. Only if negotiations fail does the case go for trial.

It is therefore critical that you contact spinal cord injuries lawyer in Alberta, Canada, as soon as possible. Any delay in investigation by us can result in the loss of crucial evidence required for a settlement. Moreover, since these claims are usually of very high value, the negligent party invariably contests the claims made so to reduce the final payout. You thus need a spinal cord injuries attorney on your side who will fight your case to obtain a fair spinal cord injury settlement.

Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us If You Have Suffered a Personal Injury in Alberta

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Types Of Accidents:

Car Accidents

Distracted Driver Accidents

DUI Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Truck Accidents


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Working Out Fair Claims Based On Spinal Injury Law in Alberta (AB)

As spinal cord injury lawyers, we have to calculate the extent of damages incurred to you. It enables us to work out the fair compensation you deserve as per spinal injury law in Alberta, Canada. Our mission is to estimate the overall costs due to you for improving the quality of life after incurring spinal cord injury. However, assessing the quantum of spinal cord injury settlement is not easy and involves a complicated process.

At this stage, it becomes necessary to take the help of experts and professionals in various fields to calculate future expenses on medical care as well as lost future income. Our specialist spinal cord injuries attorney has the required expertise to estimate both the intangible losses like pain and suffering and tangible losses like future income and cost of mobility aids. It is why spinal cord injury settlement is usually quite substantial, and there is much at stake. In most cases, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents are the usual causes of spinal cord injuries.

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Factors Considered by Our Spinal Cord Injury Law Firm in Alberta (AB)

Being experienced spinal cord injury lawyers, we understand the necessity of being awarded fair spinal cord injury settlement. We have years of expertise in negotiating the quantum of claims on behalf of our clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries. There are several factors taken into account by our spinal cord injuries attorney. These include extensive costs of medical treatments and rehabilitation and the need for mobility aids. These can be very expensive, especially powered wheelchairs. Other than this, we also consider the costs of home renovation, like setting up ramps for wheelchair use, installing roll-in showers, and much more.

There are also the costs related to lost income and employment and denial of future rights to follow specific career options. As a reputed spinal cord injury law firm in Alberta, Canada, our aim is always to improve the quality of life through adequate spinal cord injury settlement. It helps our clients meet their vocational, medical, psychiatric, and economic needs. We do not depend solely on spinal cord injury law in AB to establish our claims. We also consider expert opinions from those who are specialists in various facets of spinal cord injuries and treatments. It helps us to work out a precise settlement that our client deserves.

Getting the Best Spinal Cord Injury Settlement in Alberta, Canada

After a serious accident, which is a traumatic experience, a patient generally has restricted mobility and most often unable to make precise and critical financial decisions. But that should not stop you from contacting a spinal cord injuries attorney to set the ball rolling on your behalf to get quick spinal cord injury settlement. Initially, all costs related to the case, like the costs of investigation, gathering evidence, court expenses, and legal fees, will be borne by us. You reimburse the expenses only after receiving a claim settlement from the negligent party.

Taking into consideration all these aspects, you should not delay in getting in touch with spinal cord injury lawyers soon after an accident.


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Michael Ianni dedicated to your rights

Michael Ianni is a talented personal injury lawyer with a wealth of experience, commitment, and dedication. He received his Bachelor of Commerce degree (Major in Finance) at Ryerson University in 2012. While attending Ryerson, Michael took part in an exchange program and studied at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia. Michael continued his education in Australia and went on to obtain his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Bond University. Michael has gained valuable experience in personal injury law. He has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice on numerous occasions. Michael is dedicated to ensuring that his clients receive the best possible settlement.

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A Proficient Personal Injury Lawyer Working For You

We fight for your rights and our success rates speak for themselves.

Extensive Experience

As a personal injury lawyer in Alberta, our office represents numerous individuals every year who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Alberta.

As a personal injury lawyer servicing Alberta, we will ensure you receive compensation for any and all damages incurred due to a catastrophic injury.

If you have suffered an extreme injury leaving you with severe spinal cord injuries and paralysis, contact a proficient personal injury lawyer immediately.

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Aiding Compensation

Under the Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act, we can request compensations for any losses and injuries suffered due to a car accident.

If you were injured due to a distracted driver, our personal injury lawyer will conduct a full investigation and fight for full compensation.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident, contact our Alberta law office today to speak with a personal injury lawyer.


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